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Dr. Troy Andreasen!

Practice Philosophy:

Serving Abdominoplasty Patients in the Inland Empire, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino County and San Gabriel Valley, California, Dr. Troy Andreasen, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, provides complete surgical care from initial consultation through recovery in his practice of Tummy Tuck Surgery.

Choosing Your Surgeon

Dr. Andreasen an caring staff realize that choosing the right cosmetic plastic surgeon is an important decision. His goal is to provide complete satisfaction and to do everything possible in providing you with a warm and comfortable environment. Dr. Andreasen is committed to providing each of his plastic surgery patients in the Inland Empire with the results they are looking for. He offers attentive and thorough care both during and after your plastic surgery procedure.

To learn more about Tummy Tuck Surgery in the Inland Empire, you can visit Dr. Andreasen's personal website at

Many people turn to cosmetic surgery because they want to enhance their appearance for professional or personal reasons, with hopes of feeling more secure with their body. Dr. Andreasen's specialties include cosmetic surgery of the body and face, and breast reconstructive surgery. For those who wish to enhance their appearance, today’s cosmetic surgical procedures offer patients the opportunity to reshape features and improve their self-esteem.

About Dr. Andreasen

Dr. Andreasen was chosen as one of the first medical school graduates in the United States to train in an integrated General Surgery and Plastic Surgery program that emphasized cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. At Loma Linda University, Dr. Andreasen excelled in all facets of his training and established himself as one of their premier plastic surgical trainees. His specific interests included cosmetic surgery of the body and face and reconstructive surgery of the breast.

Providing Quality Care

Patients who undergo plastic surgery can look forward to gaining self confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their best.

Modern reconstructive surgical procedures can eliminate or minimize a wide range of physical abnormalities caused by accidents, disease and congenital defects, enabling patients to enjoy full and normal lives.

Dr. Andreasen's main focus is to provide complete satisfaction to all of his patients. Every effort is made to ensure that his patients are comfortable with their decision for cosmetic surgery and are pleased with the results.

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Troy J. Andreasen, M.D.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Office Address:
3333 Concours St.
Building #3
Ontario, CA 91764
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Dr. Andreasen has 10 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.
Dr. Andreasen has 6 videos available in the Video Gallery. Click here to view.

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