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Welcome to the My Tummy Tuck USA Website of
Dr. Richard Dabb!

Practice Philosophy:

Serving Abdominoplasty patients in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York County and Dauphin County, PA, Dr. Richard W. Dabb, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, combines his experience and skill with the latest techniques and advances in his practice of Tummy Tuck Surgery.

York Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The Center of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of York, P.C. is a state-of- the-art practice of plastic surgery in York, Pennsylvania. The practice was established by Dr. Richard Dabb in 1995 at Apple Hill Medical Center. It brings to the region the most up-to-date concepts of technology in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, along with a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Dr. Dabb and staff place the patient first both medically and emotionally. This is founded in a background of experience of over 25 years of practice, with a reputation of being a regional leader in the field.

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The Center houses a unique philosophy of practice. A great deal of emphasis is placed on careful assessment and communication. Proper perception of the problem is always central in the discussion.

Reaching Your Desired Goal

The "paradoxical" drawing to the right clearly demonstrates that the same image may be visualized in different ways. When you look at this picture, do you see a wistful, young woman looking away from you coyly, or do you see an elderly woman sitting pensively, with chin sunken into her mink, lips closed, sad eyes looking forward. The artist trained in perceptual skills sees both.

"Plastic" surgery is derived from the Greek "plasticos", to shape or to form. Plastic surgery requires not only a strong foundation in the science of surgery, but also background and talent in perceptual skills from training and interest in art. One needs to see the whole picture in terms of what is both technically feasible and tastefully beautiful.

The entire consultative process is to reach the patientís desired goal with these principles in mind. The surgeons at the Center are experienced in plastic surgery and also have art training that sets them apart in perceptual skills from the average surgeon.

The Center provides purely cosmetic surgery for those desiring self-enhancement and also all forms of reconstructive surgery. Frequently, the techniques of each overlap and compliment the other. The surgeonsí unique experience in microsurgery and the most difficult forms of reconstruction create a background to provide superior results.

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Richard W. Dabb, M.D., F.AC.S.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Office Address:
25 Monument Road
Suite 292
York, PA 17403
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Dr. Dabb has 2 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.

All Doctors are Board-Certified Physicians
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